WOW — Rob Kardashian Reveals Blac Chyna Took Newborn Dream Kardashian And Left For Good! But Did He Hack Her Instagram To Cause The Breakup?!


Just when you thought it might be a quiet Saturday night the week before Christmas… Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna appear to be going through a VERY sudden and brutal breakup!

In the last hour, Rob posted a series of videos to his Snapchat and Instagram accounts, revealing that BC has taken Dream Kardashian — apparently completely without warning — and left him in the week before Christmas.

You can see the sadness in his face with his first video (below):

And he even explained himself in depth with the caption, after being rendered unable to speak (below):

"Sorry to be so open but I’m not feeling so good after seeing @blacchyna messages about me and what her plans were. I have never been this heartbroken in my life. I don’t mind being so open or if anyone thinks I’m being weak but I don’t play when it comes to Family and Chyna was my Family and thought we were getting married. I treated her as a Queen. My baby girl is 1 month old and Chyna took her and left this beautiful home that I just bought for us. Right before Christmas. Someone I have given my all too. I Loved every inch of that woman and loved everything that came with her. I truly loved Angela. I gave everything I owned for her. Didn’t know I was just part of her plan. I really believed she was in love with me the way that I was with her and I am so hurt and never felt this before. It’s different when you have a kid with someone. And after reading Chyna’s messages to her best friend she was going to drop me after a year. She didn’t even make it to that. I am so broken. This is a woman I fought my entire family for. I was in love with this woman to the fullest and I was none of that to her. Go to my snap—–> @robphuckedme"


It doesn’t end there, though, because Rob then posted a series of videos proving that yes, in fact, it appears BC has taken Dream (and King), and completely left — furniture and all.

Here’s Rob showing off the now-empty children’s rooms (below):

And the caption he included is just… gut-wrenching.

Read it in full (below):

"I thought this was going to be the best year of my life ,,, had a beautiful baby Dream and haven’t spent Christmas with family in years and I just can’t believe she really hurt me this way. She knows how to hurt me and I loved her so hard like I’m supposed to. Like any man is supposed to love their Wife. Chyna knew exactly what she was doing to get me. I can’t believe she did this to me. And this isn’t for some ratings this is my real life so please understand I’m just being open right now. Cuz if it was for ratings I wouldn’t explain all this here. And with Chyna’s messages and her leaving with everything and the baby I am broken. I go 1000 percent for my girl. I am so confused how a man who gives and loves everything about a woman is the one left alone. 😓 I’m sorry for being so open once again ,,, this is killing me 💔 "

Again — WOW.

Clearly something BIG is going on between Rob and BC, but it is far from over even with that.

In addition to Rob dealing with what appears to be their sudden, completely unexpected breakup — that, he argues, was set in motion by Chyna with a lot of planning and forethought — Blac Chyna herself is dealing with some MAJOR Instagram issues, too.

Just hours before Rob’s reveal about the couple’s apparent breakup, Chyna’s IG account went crazy, allegedly the victim of a hack with the reality TV star (or someone who hacked her!) posting a series of what appear to be direct messages between her and her friends, lawyers, and other celebs.

Chyna had to create an entirely new Instagram account because of the hacking issue, and she shared her displeasure with the fact that all her private info was pulled off in a series of videos to Snapchat (below):

BC has a right to be mad, because the posts on her IG right now, allegedly put up by the purported hacker, are pretty intense.

Here is just a sampling of the start of those messages (below):


And from there… things went OFF, with all sorts of pics of alleged direct messages, text messages, and more between Chyna and her friends, other celebs, and more.

Drama, drama, drama — and now, rumors are flying on social media that Rob himself is the one who hacked BC!!!

In a now-deleted new IG post on her new account, Chyna revealed that she was "verbally abused" by Rob, and that she believes he’s the one who was "really, really, really mad" enough to hack her old Instagram account!

In the post, that she’s now scrubbed from her new IG page, Chyna screenshotted one of Rob’s Snapchat posts, and wrote this caption to it (below):

"I’M DONE. This entire year I have done nothing but help Rob! It’s so SAD & PATHETIC how low he’d stoop to cover up HIS PERSONAL ISSUES! I have done nothing but help & loved him from the beginning! It’s Chy here I got my own!!! I was doing swell before I got with him! I got him out of khloe’s house, helped him lose all that f*cking weight for him to do nothing & gain it all back! Rob asked for all of this! Rob begged me to have Dream! He stressed me out my ENTIRE PREGNANCY!!! Accusing me of cheating, going crazy on me with massive text blast daily! being an absolute lunatic & then cover it up with gifts!"

And she wasn’t done there!

She continued (below):

"I was verbally abused every other day. I was still there with nothing but high hopes for us! I had to beg him to cut his hair, To take his braces of, and To get more into his businesses! I shouldn’t have to tell any grown ass man s—! Not to mention Just brought him a brand new 2016 Range Rover! I PUT MY PRIDE ASIDE & I GAVE UP MY HOUSE TO MOVE INTO KYLIE’S HOUSE WITH HIM TO BE WITH A MAN!! We weren’t together in that house 2 whole weeks before he starting calling me all types of bitches & hoes! AND I NEVER NOT ONCE CHEATED ON ROB! EVER! I gave him the passcode to my phone I have nothing to hide.He refuses to do anything! Eat healthy, work out, work, anything positive, he does nothing! Those Messages OLD AF! He only did this because when he went through my phone he couldn’t find anything to be mad about! He’s on snapchat acting hurt but he’s yet to come see Dream yet! He knows where we are! Honestly it’s only so much a person can take. Everyone has tried to help Rob. I’ve gone beyond to help & so has his family! I have no longer have time to feed into Robert’s shenanigans I have 2 children & myself to fend for. What hurts the most is watching him do this to me knowing my last situation and promising to never put me through it. Especially after our child is only 1 month."

Wow, AGAIN!!!!

Quite the holiday breakup…

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