America’s First Urban Cooking Club, Kitchen Collective, Now Open in Napa


In the epicenter of California’s ever-changing food and wine scene, a new club, has officially opened its doors, introducing its unique gastronomic-focused private club concept to Napa. Calling itself a prestigious urban cooking club, Kitchen Collective is more of a social club focused on celebrating the entirety of the epicurean experience by allowing members to share its fully-stocked kitchen. Add to this experience some personal coaching from a professional chef, and you got yourself something special. Currently, Kitchen Collective is the only culinary club of its kind in the nation.

Based on the traditional Basque Gastronomic Societies, Kitchen Collective says it aims to reshape the Bay Area’s foodie culture by giving its members the power to create the meals and dinner parties they’ve only dreamt of but found otherwise impossible. In other words, if you are a cooking enthusiast, then this is the perfect social club for you. It is both the unique benefit (and a curse), given that on occasion it is always more fun to just show up and not sweat in the kitchen. Yet, the art of cooking here is somewhat approachable. You will be able to receive personal coaching from the club’s chefs in a kitchen fit for a five-star restaurant, complete with tools and ingredients unavailable to the casual chef. The club hopes to expand the culinary horizons of its members by encouraging experimentation with new recipes and cuisines.

Experiment you must! “Kitchen Collective is all about giving our members and their guests the tools to create what they haven’t been able to before,” said founder Garret Murphy. “We want everyone here to explore new tastes and techniques – the only perfection that exists is the one that members create through their passion for cooking.”

While outside of the kitchen, members and guests alike can enjoy the rest of the club with bites and drinks throughout its dining rooms, lounges, and lush central courtyard. The space is designed to create an intimate environment that brings people together in celebration of their passion for good food and wine. The decor, however, is a run-of-the-mill Restoration Hardware catalogue executed with utmost care, yet little charm. When developing Kitchen Collective, Murphy says he was aiming to blend the best components of owning a restaurant with the benefits of a private social club, all in a non-pretentious yet luxurious setting.